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The Council Attendance tab shows the number of times a council member was present at a Regular or Special City Council meeting during the current term. It does not count committee meetings.
The Voting Attendance tab indicates the presence of council members during Regular or Special Council Meetings meetings when motions are being voted on during the current term.
Last updated on August 30, 2019

photo of Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

49 of 49 meeting

688 of 696 votes

photo of Belinda Crowson

Belinda Crowson

49 of 49 meeting

686 of 696 votes

photo of Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson

48 of 49 meeting

663 of 696 votes

photo of Mayor Chris Spearman

Mayor Chris Spearman

47 of 49 meeting

655 of 696 votes

photo of Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker

47 of 49 meeting

659 of 696 votes

photo of Jeff Coffman

Jeff Coffman

46 of 49 meeting

671 of 696 votes

photo of Rob Miyashiro

Rob Miyashiro

46 of 49 meeting

650 of 696 votes

photo of Bliane Hyggen

Bliane Hyggen

44 of 47 meeting

582 of 696 votes

photo of Joe Mauro

Joe Mauro

37 of 49 meeting

469 of 696 votes

photo of Joe Mauro

Joe Mauro

31 of 42 meeting

357 of 568 votes

This data is collected from the council minutes by hand and added to this council attendance spreadsheet. If you notice any errors please contact us.
We are currently working with the City Clerk to have the meetings minutes provided as part of open data, so we can automate the process.

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A big shoutout to Open North for providing the representatives API

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