Lethbridge Accountability
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Lethbridge Municipal Elections 2017

The Lethbridge Accountability survey is ready for the fall 2017 municipal elections in Lethbridge. On nomination day, September 18 2017, each candidate will receive a survey entry via the email address that they provided. Candidates will have until September 28, 2017 at noon to complete and edit their survey responses. These date will not be flexible or changed for any participant. Only after the survey has closed to ALL participants will we publish the answers on our website.

The survey results were made public on our website on September 29, 2017.

A list of candidates with their results can be find below or on the candidates page, you can also browse the survey results by question under the survey tab.

The groups that have come together to create the survey are listed on the collaborators page.

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A big shoutout to Open North for providing the representatives API

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